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Blogger Book Quest: GUST

Blogger Book Quest: GUST

Because not all books are created equal. We present a book by a blogger on the subject of blogging, writing, or business that is self-published or published by a small, independent publisher.

Gust Cover

Title: GUST: The “Tale” Wind of Office Politics
Blogger/Author: Timothy L. Johnson
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Before I read the business fable, GUST, I knew that office politics existed. I had determined I couldn’t avoid or resist being part of the “body politic.” What I didn’t have was a clue about how it worked, nor had I really tried to make sense of it.

This book did both for me. Inside this book, you’ll find

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  • Three key things people manipulate and fight over in organizations — Resouces, People, and Information
  • Three kinds of politicians, and how to handle each one
  • Six core motivations of political behavior
  • Uses (and misuses) of influence in an organization
  • Hows and whys of strategizing an appropriate response to a political situation
  • Considerations of timing, passion, and support into your political actions
  • Executives’ roles in influencing (and correcting) office politics
  • Assessments for determining how political your organization really is.

At times the story bends to fit the content. It needs to — no company is quite that dysfunctional all at once – AND that’s what gives this volume a place in my top drawer. Every office politician I’ve ever met is in it and Tim Johnson offers a way to handle each individual . . . um er . . . colleague’s needs with finesse. GUST is worth picking up. just for that.

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