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Conversation Web Style

Conversation Web Style

Blogging is on a technical level something new. This whole web thing has not been around very long. Unfortunately because of this people think they have to invent whole new rules, think up ways for people to behave. In actual fact while the medium changes, people remain people, and that is a good thing!

In non-digital life if you are invited to turn up to a party with a bunch of friends, you have the choice of interacting or sitting on the sidelines. Blogs are the same, you can observe or take part.

Just like in the face to face settings, similar conversations take place. If you are wondering why more people do not comment, just think about the way you are initiating discussion. You can either spark interest and invite a response or you can just blurt out something leaving the recipient nothing to do but smile. Give the other person an opening, ask some questions, just like you would if they were seated right in front of you. Which they are, kind of.

It’s not all good, of course, you get the bad from society as well as the nice. The most obvious example of this you will find in your comment area and in forum, Digg and Reddit discussions. You know the types, they spout hateful insults and nonsense, safe in the knowledge that nobody knows who they are. For the most part though the internet has the advantage that these folks are easier to ignore or avoid!

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People who get to know you want to hear from you, online and off. Once you start to become a familiar face, be it blog or Twitter, your friends will want you to stay in touch. Remember to keep turning up, if only to show your face.

How else do you think online conversations reflect our offline lives? Please share your thoughts in the comments …

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