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Do You Optimize?

Do You Optimize?

I am currently reading through a great ebook by my friends at Invesp called “Landing Page Optimization: The Complete Guide” and it made me realize something about what seperates successes from everyone else.

My theory is out of all the people you meet, the most successful people are never satisfied.

Yes, of course it is a blanket statement, but I think it holds true.

I know a few millionaires. Not many, but a few. Think they all retired early to a beach-front villa somewhere? Not for a minute, they are all eagerly working away at their next startup, earning their next million (or six), and loving it.

Think Lewis Hamilton is finished in Formula 1 racing now that he has won the world title? I very much doubt it.

There is a phrase often used that I think causes a lot of damage to progress.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I much prefer the phrase

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“Beat the control”

Which means what you have now is the new target to beat.

Of course focus on the stuff that is clearly broken first, but never think you can’t improve. You have to optimize otherwise how will you ever reach your full potential?

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