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Everything You’d Ever Want to Know About Science (but didn’t know who to ask)

Everything You’d Ever Want to Know About Science (but didn’t know who to ask)

As the new year dawns in the Wonderful World of Science Blogs, we are treated to some compilations that should satisfy the biggest thirst for knowledge of things sciency. Chris Chatham of Developing Intelligence collects some interesting reports in Blogging the Brain which includes The Top 5 Robots of 2006 for all those I, Robot fans and aspiring Stepford husbands out there.

And since aspiring Stepford husbands have certain ideas about just how mindless their robotic wives should be, they may also enjoy the examinations of how neuroscience is eroding the concept of free will offered by Vaughan at MindHacks and Deric Bownds at MindBlog.

Coturnix over at A Blog Around the Clock offers the chosen blog entries for this year’s Science Blogging Anthology, a total of 50 blog entries (with links!) about everything from medicine to hummingbirds, with stops in between for politics, culture wars, the psychology of humility, the technicalities of Erectile Dysfunction and the physics of sex. Nothing there about the psychology of aspiring Stepford husbands or sex with robots, but someone’s just bound to blog about that sooner or later.

For those lonely science geeks out there still looking for a flesh and blood Ms. Right, Steve Higgins over at Omni Brain offers some cool ways to figure out the psychology of a potential mate in a couple of blogs – Sleep positions and personality and Sneezing and personality. Bet you didn’t know you could tell a lot about a person by the way they sleep and sneeze. Steve’s got it down to a …science!

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There’s the ‘be right’ sneezer, the ‘get it done’ sneezer, the ‘enthusiastic’ sneezer and the ‘nice’ sneezer. I’d put me in the ‘get it done’ category, for whatever that’s worth. But I like the sleep position titles better. Here you’ve got your ‘Foetus,’ ‘Log,’ ‘Yearner,’ ‘Soldier,’ ‘Freefall,’ ‘Starfish’ and ‘Farting Buffalo’. Steve says he just made that last one up, but I’m not so sure. I think I know that guy…

Chris Rowan of Highly Allochthonous gives us a linky rundown on Some sciblogging New Year’s Resolutions which includes such hot topics as giving silly answers to nonsensical questions and pointless mathematical concepts. Since much of the time spent at desks in offices throughout the world on any given day amounts to pointless exercises and silly answers to nonsense questions, these New Year’s resolutions should be very popular.

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