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From the Real World to the Real World In the Company of Bloggers

From the Real World to the Real World In the Company of Bloggers

When I came to blogging, I was from publishing. I had the skill set. I thought having a blog would a perfect place to keep up my discipline as a writer. Maybe at the same time, I could build a place where people might get away from cell phones in elevators. Cell phones on airplanes and in elevators bother me. The conversations they allow steal my brain space and make me invisible while someone talks about a cat named, “Fluffy”,that I can’t bring myself to care about.

I made a blog that was the backyard where I grew up complete with river bank and the old white oak tree. Everyone was welcome — without their cell phones.

Like most new bloggers, I wasn’t prepared for the people I would meet, the conversations that would happen. I had no understanding of the universe of learning and belonging. I fell in love with the exchange of thinking.

I found that blogging was as much about listening, and reading, as it was about writing, and speaking. Someone likened to a country store. For me, it became my dad’s saloon, a place where people meet, swap stories, try on ideas.

Bloggers know that they don’t have the only answer. It’s darn refreshing and appealing.

Once I had lived on airplanes, dreaming, imagining, and writing. Now I live inside people’s computers, and they look for me there.

The generous, independent, spirited communication is breathtaking. It’s humbling. Words last forever online. Bloggers know that. They value and live by that. So the level of discussion rises. Thoughts are considered before they are shared.

Now I call bloggers daily on my own cell phone, from the privacy on my home, never in your elevator.

Some folks think it’s a telephone call. I think of it as blogging on via telephone. We have a real time conversation. It’s not about a cat named Fluffy. We talk about creativity, technology, how the world is changing, the rudeness of multitasking, the ways people interact, and the excitement of being part of something in which people from all over the world are having a learning conversation.

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Bloggers are the living Internet.

I meet my blogger friends in the real world face to face. The conversation works the same way as it does online. We listen to each other and we learn. We talk about ideas, dreams, and ways to help each other. Somehow we always end up on that topic- how we will help each other.

I’ve come full circle from the real world back to the real world, but I’ve a different world view. I know more about what it could be. I’ve been in the company of bloggers.

Liz Strauss also writes for Liz Strauss at Successful-Blog

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  • Hi Guy!
    Bloggers are curious, independent thinkers. I can’t enough of listening to them and learning from them. Thanks for telling me that feel the same way about it. I’m going to have to get to know your better. :)

  • That picture confirms what I’ve suspected from the day I met you. Your real name is Phoebe Coulter!

    As usual, you knocked it outa da park onto Waverly.

  • Hi Liz.

    It’s always refreshing to read your thoughts, whether they are on blogging or other worldly aspects. The beauty of blogging is, you come across so many wonderful people who are so talented and yet, so down to earth. It’s quite humbling. And not only in the field of technology. Some people are bringing about awesome changes through their blogs.

  • Hi Amrit!
    It’s nice, too, to get this chance to meet up with you. Blogging is all about the people. The information that they share is wrapped up in the creative, innovative ways the serve. I agree, it’s humbling and inspiring.

    It’s such an exciting change to be a part of! There’s a bridge here somewhere between the real world and the one inside the minds that are talking. . . .

  • Nice post, Liz.

    Your last paragraph spoke straight to me. Maybe we’re all coming full circle (each in their own time and way) and really, isn’t that what it’s all about – half the fun is in the journey.

    “Bloggers know that they don’t have the only answer.”

    LOL. I’ve come across my fair share of them who think they do. :-)

  • Hey Martin,
    I’ve met a few of those who thought they had the whole answer, but they found soon enough that they didn’t. I think it was another blogger or two who told them. :)

    Yeah, the coming full circle was very loud to me, thinking back on last year at this time and now where we all are now. :)

  • I don’t have any of the answers, I’m not even sure what the questions are – LOL

    But I know I love reading whatever you write. You are always thoughtful and positive…qualities I admire tremendously. May peace, joy and prosperity follow you wherever you go, whatever you do!

  • Hi Marti!
    Talk about thoughtful and positive! Did you read your own comment? That’s just what I’m talking about. :) Each blogger prings a uniquie thought that adds a bit more to the idea pool.

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