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Gawker Media Takes a Pop at Los Angeles Times’ Record Month

Gawker Media Takes a Pop at Los Angeles Times’ Record Month

Gawker Media, the blog network lead by Nick Denton, had a great July, it would seem, with no less than 6 sites setting new traffic records. Impressive indeed. The official posting also notes:

Also important is the year-over-year growth that continues with this new high. Gawker Media’s network traffic level is 70% higher than last year, 330% greater than in July 2006, and a whopping 700% higher than three years ago in 2005.

That is some growth for sure.

So where’s the Los Angeles Times pop then?

For benchmarking against other publishers, that’s twice what the Los Angeles Times’ site received in July (source: Editor & Publisher).

Not much of a pop really, but Silicon Alley Insider makes it so, in a somewhat funny way. I wonder if Denton really commented on the traffic with “That’s cute”?

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The executive editor at’s got a blog post up on the traffic record, with notes on what was hot in various categories and such. It is an interesting read, although not as controversial (or snarky) as Denton’s somewhat Silicon Alley Insider “created” pop. Comparison’s always good, right?

On a side note, that is some impressive traffic. The Gawker Media pay scheme, with benefits for pageviews generated, obviously works. Not that I’d want to work that way, as a freelancer, but still. Nicely played.

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