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GigaOM, VentureBeat, and ReadWriteWeb Content on

GigaOM, VentureBeat, and ReadWriteWeb Content on

Giga Omni Media have closed a deal with, which means that content from the GigaOM network will be available on come early October. They are not alone in this, but rather a part in redesigning the Technology channel at Other heavyweights that inked a deal to have their content available through this are ReadWriteWeb and VentureBeat.

This is the third heavy weight syndication deal for GigaOM, with BusinessWeek and CNNMoney already in the bag. Meanwhile, VentureBeat’s content is available on IDG’s Industry Standard. As far as I know, this is the first syndication deal for ReadWriteWeb though, although I might have missed something.

Naturally, all three blogs are thrilled about the fact that their content reaches the masses. It is of course something of a recognition, for these three high profile blogs in particular, but also for the potential in the tech blogosphere in general. This is great news for sure, and might also be something of an eye-opener for skeptics, when their highly respected old media giants are turning to new media for content.

It might also be the start of something new. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see old media buying high profile new media publishers to a great extent. These networks are raking in pageviews, but they would do even better with the push of the established mainstream channels, since the successful ones hardly lock anyone out by using a too internal voice.

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What do you think? Will old media buy new media, as a long term result of syndication deals like this?

Disclosure: I freelance for GigaOM, but learned about this deal from the blogs mentioned.

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