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Give Back To Blog Experts

Give Back To Blog Experts

A blogger recently asked me about a blog post she’d written, a review on two competing online graphics programs. She wanted to know how she could rewrite the post to get rid of the brand keywords that did two things she found frustrating and a waste of her time:

  1. Attracted too many visitors to the post only to find that she didn’t add much helpful, nor does she write extensively about that topic. (They leave complaints.)
  2. Attracted too many comment spammers spamming the blog post through auto-spammers locked onto the brand name keywords.

While she originally wrote the post because she wanted the attention, she found no enthusiasm for the topic, so never wrote about it again. Instead of rejoicing in the traffic that post attracts, she has found herself feeling guilty about “leading them on” (her words) and not fulfilling their needs.

After talking to her for a bit, the truth came out. The guilt was enough to bother her, but the amount of time that post required to handle comment spammers was wearing her down. So she closed comments on that post a few months ago. That also bothered her. It’s the only post on her blog with the comments closed. This doesn’t stop the scrapers who grab the content and their trackback links appear in her blog statistics. She doesn’t want to mess with the comment spam nor the autobot scrapers attracted to the keywords. She wants to be done with it.

Since the post doesn’t define her blog purpose, and she’s tired of marking two to ten comment spams a day attracted to those keywords, what is she to do?

I told her to give it back to the blog experts.

Giving Back to Blog Experts

If you have a blog post topic that isn’t inline with your blog’s purpose, even if it served its time as an attention-getter, and it bothers you, maybe it’s time to send the attention back to those who are more deserving than you. Send it back to those who are the experts on the subject.

You do this by:

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  • Deleting the blog post. This removes the attraction, thus sends those searching for the topic to those more likely to be experts on the subject.
  • Rewriting the blog post. This can remove the keywords, but if the keywords are the point of the post, like a review of Firefox and Internet Explorer, then the post loses all its integrity and reason for existence. If you can remove or change the keywords and still make the point in line with your blog purpose, then give it a try. If not, delete it.
  • Link to the experts. Research the bloggers who are experts on this subject and send the visitors to those who really know what they are talking about on this issue. The bloggers will adore you, and you will help those who found you through their search, possibly winning a reader who appreciates good references.

If you’ve been blogging for year or two, you really want only those readers who appreciate what you have to offer. You’re done with all the attention-getting scams to blog about whatever topic pulls in traffic, wanting to put your energy into singing for the choir rather than the hunters who look, see nothing they want, and leave, eating up your bandwidth and giving you nothing in return.

If you can turn those visitors into readers, fantastic. You have enough to hold their attention and meet their needs. If the one-off post isn’t representative of your blog’s content, take the high road and give the attention to the truly deserving. You will be less likely to anger and frustrate searchers, and clean up your blog’s body of work to be more reflective of what you really blog about.

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