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What Bloggers Can Learn From Halloween

What Bloggers Can Learn From Halloween

What do bloggers and Halloween have in common except for writing posts related to the season to get some eyeballs?

Well, quite a lot, actually. In fact, there are what I call “Halloween lessons for bloggers”, which can bring your blog significant benefits.

Do you want to learn a thing or two? Read on.

Get into the spirit.

While Halloween is one of the biggest party holidays, we can’t deny that there is a huge demographic of people who aren’t really into it. Can’t blame them – not everyone is into things spooky and gory.

But there’s a fun side to Halloween, so the season can be for everyone.

The thing to remember is to get into the spirit and enjoy the holiday however way you want to.

What bloggers can learn: get into the spirit of blogging. No matter what your blog is about, you need to be into it. You need to want to write. You need to show your readers you care about what you write and you care about your readers as well. You can’t fake passion. If you do, say bye-bye to readers who matter.

Be generous.

The best part of Halloween – especially for kids – is trick or treating. If you don’t have anything for the kids, then you’re such a party pooper. Don’t expect to be loved or get anything in return anytime in the near future. You’ll practically be a pariah in your neighborhood, the Scrooge of Halloween.

No one wants that, plus it is enjoyable to see how happy you make the kids.

What bloggers can learn: Getting exposure, building a network, working hard on your blog outreach program is great; but remember, it’s all about give and take. Return favors. Help others share their content. Build symbiotic relationships.

Be careful what you post.

What is dead may never die. Zombies abound during Halloween. They won’t die no matter what. (Although lore tells use you just need to bash their brains)

What does this have to do with bloggers? Simple. What you put out there will never go away. What’s on the Internet is on the Internet. Sure, you can delete posts and tweets, but chances are someone has a screenshot somewhere. The info is stored in the recesses of the platform provider’s database. Be careful what you post lest it comes back from the dead to bite you in the bum.

Don’t lose your head.

headless horseman


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The Headless Horseman will tell you just how fun it is not to have your head, having to roam the streets at night looking for that one thing that makes you complete.

Again, what does this have to do with bloggers? This time, it’s a little different in context, although we’re still talking about heads. Losing your head is easy when trolls and bashers come at you. While your instinct may push you to come at them just as hard, don’t lose your head. 140 characters tweeted in anger can destroy your reputation in one click. A 1,000-word post can do just as much – or more – damage. Keep your cool. Don’t feed the trolls.

Clean up!

Halloween parties are awesome – all the booze, the decorations, the food, the costumes, and so much more.

The next day is a different story. Head aching like it’s about to explode. A house that looks like it’s been broken into.

There’s no going around it, though. Cleaning up is necessary for life to go back to normal and function properly.

Lesson for bloggers: Cleaning up your blog is necessary from time to time. Whether it’s pruning posts or cleaning up the backend – plugins, etc. – you have to do the dirty work in order to make sure your blog is optimized.

Got anything else?

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