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Harvard Business School Bloggers

Harvard Business School Bloggers

This weekend, the Boston Globe took a look at bloggers amongst the faculty of Harvard Business School, consistently ranked among the best graduate business schools in the world. What they found was an institution that approached blogging somewhat reluctantly:

While tens of millions of Americans in other fields have joined in the din of the blogosphere, buttoned-down faculty members at the nation’s most prestigious business school have watched from the sidelines, content to dispense their management wisdom in the classroom, case studies, or peer-reviewed academic papers.

Not anymore. Several business professors at Harvard have jumped into the Internet fray recently, opting for immediacy over considered analysis and wrestling with some of the passions and anonymous sniping that are the daily bread of cyberspace. All insist they are experimenting on the new frontier of idea dissemination and reaching out to a wider audience beyond the ivory tower.

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The article goes on to discuss how blogging is beginning to breakthrough at HBS and the faculty’s view on its role in the future…

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