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15 Excellent Examples of Health and Safety Blogs

15 Excellent Examples of Health and Safety Blogs

Especially now during this pandemic, the workplace has become such a hazardous place. Health and Safety officers must brush up on their knowledge to implement safety plans and protocols for their fellow employees. This need for safety planning and implementation has increased the popularity of Health and Safety blogs over the last two years.

So, if you are trying to create a health and safety blog, there are lots of examples online that you could be inspired by. First things first, since it is such a sensitive niche right now, it is best to do your research or partner with an expert so you could create content that matters for consultants, health officers, or any individual who wants to create safety plans for themselves and their families. Or better yet, you could try to enroll yourself in an OSHA 30 training course to better get a grasp of any information you would want to write about.

What should you be looking out for if you want to join the Health and Safety blog niche? Here are some good examples of styles and formats you could consider:

News-Style format for Health and Safety Blogging

Every day, there are new developments in the pandemic. Health and safety experts all over the world are doing their best to match the best practices with what is needed to lower the risks of employees against the pandemic. It is best to always keep your readers updated with what is the latest. This makes news-style blogs quite popular for all kinds of readers.

Here are some examples of health and safety blogs that present content via news:

Relentless Safety

OHS Insider

Forum-type and Safety advise Blogs

Ordinary people are looking for ways to better their health and safety protocols at home or for themselves. This makes forums and discussion pages quite popular during this pandemic. So, if you are thinking of creating a health and safety blog, it might be best to add a “ask your expert” page or a forum page. This is to ensure that there is continuous interaction with your readers. If readers get the “help” that they need, this usually builds significant trust for your content. One tip though, make sure to screen out spam comments.

Speaking of Safety

Ask safety Geek

How-to Posts for Health and Safety blogs

How-to blogs are usually the kind of content that gains the most internet traffic, especially now that we are in a pandemic. If you are thinking of joining the health and safety niche blogging, this might be one style or format you want to consider. For how-to blogs, it is best to keep your content on the basic level. We don’t want readers to be doing activities that require licenses or training. Instead, what you can do for these kinds of work is to provide resources for training.

Here are some good examples of blogs that present how-to content:

Hex Armor Blog

Good to go Safety

Eazy Safe

Informative Health and safety blogs

The safety culture is a growing industry. Now, more and more companies take it of great importance to invest in programs for the best interest of their employees. However, you still need to learn and re-learn good health and safety information throughout. For bloggers, this is a great opportunity to write about informative health and safety blogs.

These kinds of informative blogs could cover a great deal of content. It could be the legal aspect of the industry. Or it could also be focused more on the medical needs of health and safety. It could also cover government policies about the industry.

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Here are some health and safety blogs that are informative or educational:

HSE Blog

Medsafe Industrial Safety blog

Just Health and Safety

Slice Workplace Safety

Health and Safety Influencer Blogs

If anything, you can be a “health and safety influencer”. You can take on social media or create your own personal blog to share your experiences with your readers. This can cover a lot of topics. For instance, you can share what readers would expect from a career in health and safety. Or another topic could be how rewarding it is to join the health and safety industry. You can then use your influence to spread awareness and information about the importance of health and safety in ALL industries.

Here are some “influencer blogs” or personal blogs that are worth the read:

Tamara Parris and Jamie Young of Safeopedia

Kevin Burns Blog

Kevin Jones of Safety at Work

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