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How I Blog: Karissa Van Tassel

How I Blog: Karissa Van Tassel

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Karissa Van Tassel, Mom, Blogger.

As a stay at home Mom, I don’€™t have always have the luxury of writing when it’€™s convenient. Ironically, stay-at-home Moms should have more free time because they don’€™t have a ‘€œjob’€? per se, but it doesn’€™t seem to work that way. For myself, I spend my days chasing/playing with my 2 and 3 year old. It’€™s kind of like herding cats somedays’€”you work hard and never seem to get very far.

I started my blog as a way to delve into the nuances of an American’€™s life in France. My husband and I moved here this Spring, children in tow, and are having a great time. There’€™s nothing like hearing your 3-year old, who is just learning English, ask to go to the boulangerie (bakery) with a perfect French accent.


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By midnight, when most bloggers seem to find their voice, I am hopefully drifting to sleep, so afternoon naptime is when I blog. The kids are quiet for a few moments and, thanks to an afternoon espresso’€”I am generally awake enough and creative enough to be somewhat entertaining. I sit down at the laptop, think about the oddities of the past 24 hours and write. Then I think about the image’€”I am a photographer, as well, so I enjoy creating artwork to accompany the stories almost as much as writing the stories themselves.

Life is full of odd contradictions wherever you are’€” identifying and poking a little fun at them is half the fun. Hopefully reading about them is the other half.

Karissa resides in France with her husband and two children and blogs at La Vie en Rose.

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