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jkOnTheRun Joins GigaOm Network

jkOnTheRun Joins GigaOm Network

Om Malik of GigaOm fame has announced that his company, Giga Omni Media, have acquired mobile gadgets blog jkOnTheRun. No amount have been specified.

The reason for buying the blog is of course that it is a great one, filling an empty space in the GigaOm network. The choice was to either build a blog in this niche from scratch, or buying one. With that in mind, the deal was and is probably a no-brainer.There’s a reassuring launch post over at jkOnTheRun as well.

We are quite honored that Om Malik and company like what we do here on jkOnTheRun and very happy to be joining them. Our blogging has a great fit with the other work they are doing and we think you’ll find the total package to be a great stop on your web visits. We are confident you will find this change to be a very good thing for jkOnTheRun and that you will enjoy what we do even more.

Meanwhile, Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch does some predictions for the blogosphere, interesting insights for sure.

I predict that this is just the beginning of the process that will accelerate over the next 12-18 months. Larger blogs lacking the stomach for competition will sell to large media corporations. The more competitive large blogs who want to see this thing through will start to acquire the smaller ones and group by topic areas. Whoever builds the network of the most interesting and prodigious voices will eventually “win.” Or perhaps everyone will win, but to different degrees.

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This plays nicely with Om Malik’s words from the announcement post:

I think in many ways that is the blueprint of our strategy going forward: When we find blogs that allow us to dig deeper, to complement and extend our areas of coverage, we will acquire them. If we can’t find ones we like, we will build them.

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