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Lifestreaming from your iPhone

Lifestreaming from your iPhone

Over at ReadWriteWeb, Sarah Perez takes a look at lifestreaming applications for the iPhone:

For iPhone users, one of the major benefits to owning the device is the application platform it provides. With apps, you can begin a “real” lifestream – that is, one that acknowledges that more life is spent away from the computer than at it. You would think that iPhone would be a great platform for lifestreaming apps, but there were surprisingly few to be found (so far). We hope to see this list improved in time, if not with apps, then at least with iPhone-ready mobile web sites.

Sarah’s article goes on to accurately review several lifestreaming applications and accurately bemoans the lack of videostreaming applications (or video applications in general) on the iPhone. And I agree strongly with her view of the current market.

There are several lifestreaming web applications that have been built for the iPhone, such as Friendfeed’s iPhone interface for the web.. but none of them really allow you to broadcast your lifestream from your iPhone.

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The iPhone is one of the most integrated handheld devices ever created – it’s the best example of a converged device that I can use to describe such technology approaches to my clients – but it still has a way to go in terms of its ability to meet the needs of those of us that try to lifestream their lives.

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