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Make Your Blog Funnier With These Free Meme Generators

Make Your Blog Funnier With These Free Meme Generators

Let’s face it, free meme generators can make a huge difference in content. If you want to insert bits of humor and comedy into your blog, memes can be the best way to do so. Memes offer straight to the point punchlines, one-liner jokes, and humor that many people can relate to. The one-liner jokes usually work because the underlying premises of popular memes are already familiar to readers. On top of that, many people prefer image-rich over text-heavy content.

There are a great number of free meme generator websites available online for browsers. There are also meme generator apps available for mobile users. Here are some of the top-rated free meme generators available online:


There are meme templates available on this website. However, Kapwing also allows creating of memes from scratch. Not only is this website great for meme creation, but it is also useful for image and video editing. If you don’t have the file downloaded on your device, this website allows users to paste an image or video URL for editing.


Canva Meme Generator

Canva can do it all, even memes. What is great about Canva is the multitude of available templates both for free and pro users. If you wish for a more unique meme, paying an affordable fee is possible.

Free meme generator: Meme Creator

Turn any image into a meme – this is the concept of the Meme creator. But, it also allows the re-creation or personalization of popular memes. The presence of the “Month’s funny memes” allows users to choose memes that are still relevant. Memes can go from trending to cringeworthy quite fast, the ranking of good memes in the meme creator website is a helpful feature.

Adobe Spark

Users can try Adobe Spark for free, but the pro version isn’t too expensive too. There are templates to choose from and users are also allowed to create their personalized memes.

The Bro Code

Users can choose from a predefined selection of popular memes or they can also upload images that they want to turn into memes. Memes created on this website are also quite easy to share or embed in content.

Live Meme

Contains all OG memes known to man. These memes might look outdated for many, but these are the foundations of the memes we know today.


This website’s number 1 selling point is that ill allows meme generation without watermarks.

QuickMeme –  Upload a Funny

Quick meme is everything you need to know and have about memes. It is an image sharing platform, a social media platform for memes, and a meme generator in one.

Meme Generator App

Not everyone wants to scroll through memes via a browser. A lot of users nowadays prefer using mobile devices. This meme generator app is worth a try.

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Make a Meme (dot) Org

A meme generator is available as an app and as a browser meme generator. Registration is free.


One of the easiest meme generators to use. It is also an image sharing platform and a social media platform. Users are allowed to upload GIFs and images.

Wondershare Filmora

Originally a video editor, Wondershare Filmora is also a meme maker online.

Imgur Memegen

Imgur is one of the longest-running meme generator and meme sharing platforms online. This is the best place to research the latest meme trends. But, older meme trends still exist within this community.

All those are among the best, free meme generators available on the internet. No downloads are required. Some of these websites also do not require log-ins or registrations. Try embedding funny memes into your content, it might make a huge difference.

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