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Minnebar: Enterprise Data Mashups Session

Minnebar: Enterprise Data Mashups Session

U of MN professor teaching the session – also works at IBM.

First mashup – Mapdanjo. In the words of one participant “most crap thrown up in one place”

Again, audio/visual problems in this session (same room as last session).

Some of the mashups allow for integration of behind the firewall information as well – he’s referring to Google though as “the google” which is entertaining… Google Maps can also be brought inside the firewall completely through some of their licensing options…

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IBM has an internal Map Analytics ‘2008’ application with a whole ton of options – but unfortunately it appears to be internal only at the current time… The capabilities are pretty impressive though…

Solutions could look like: Trusted secure reusable information services + web 2.0 + data visualization. Everything from metadata and web 2.0 information merged with various business problems to create unique internal mashups…

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