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Movable Type Monday: 4.3 Features, Documentation, jQuery, and More

Movable Type Monday: 4.3 Features, Documentation, jQuery, and More

Happy Monday, folks! The Movable Type 4.3 beta continues with the third beta release this past week. Lots of bug fixes in this version. The final release is expected some time next week.

Over at, Matt Jacobs has been writing about some of the new features in 4.3. First, he has an explanation of the new entry asset manager. From a usability standpoint, this is a huge improvement over the previous system. And Matt shows how the new system can be used to generate slideshows for the images on each entry.

Matt also has a post about entry pagination in 4.3. With the new pagination system, your first page can be static, while additional pages use MT-Search to generate the results. One of the side effects of this is MT-Search now has some new options, such as searching by author or date.

Also on the blog, Beau Smith talks about Six Apart’s efforts to improve documentation. I would say better documentation is the number one request coming from the MT community. Reading the post, it’s clear Beau has his work cut out for him. He’s asking for help writing/reviewing the current docs, so if you have some extra time please jump in and lend a hand. If you need an incentive, how about this: Once the language documentation is done, Beau can move on to creating guides and tutorials for using MT. That’s something I would definitely like to see more of.

Finally, Mike from Code Monkey Ramblings has written a couple of tutorials. First, he has some code you can use to create month-by-year archives. In other words, it’s a yearly archive with each year’s archives broken down by month. This can be a much easier way to browse archives.

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Also, Mike wrote a guide to using jQuery for comment previews. There seems to be a general movement toward the use of jQuery in the MT community. I’m a big fan of jQuery personally, and I think this could lead to some interesting new features in MT themes.

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know in the comments.

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