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Movable Type Monday: 4.3 Release, Sharing Your Posts, and More New Features

Movable Type Monday: 4.3 Release, Sharing Your Posts, and More New Features

Happy Monday, folks! Well, it’s here: Movable Type 4.3. Lots of new features and performance enhancements, so you’ll probably want to upgrade to this one. Here’s a summary of what’s new, taken from the official announcement:

  • Performance for all publishing is faster than ever.
  • Your readers can now find content by author or date range (something Google’s site search doesn’t do) with the powerful new search feature.
  • You can create a new site based on an existing one in just a few clicks with smarter blog cloning.
  • Page views can increase by more than 50% with the new flexible pagination for comments and entries (based on the testing of one of our clients.)
  • It’s faster to insert and re-use photos in your posts, and simple to create slide shows, with the most powerful asset manager ever.
  • Documentation is more comprehensive and easy to access than ever before.

Some impressive claims there. I hope after people have had time to kick the tires they’ll let us know how it really performs.

Also, Matt Jacobs has continued his series about the new features in 4.3. In his latest installment, he talks about blog cloning. The ability to clone a blog while omitting the content will be very useful to web site developers. Media companies, for example, tend to have many blogs, all with the same basic design. This make the creation of new blogs much easier.

Finally, Mike from Code Monkey Ramblings has instructions for putting AddToAny buttons on your posts. AddToAny provides widgets that make it easy for your visitors to submit your posts to a variety of social networks. Thanks, Mike!

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What have you done with MT lately? Let us know in the comments.

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