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Movable Type Monday: MT 5 beta 3 and mod_perlite

Movable Type Monday: MT 5 beta 3 and mod_perlite

Happy Monday, folks! The Movable Type 5 beta period continues. This week, beta 3 was released. Lots of changes in this version, with what seems to be an emphasis on UI improvements.

One thing that’s been getting a lot of attention is the upgrade of existing blogs to the new “website with blogs” structure. Some people are concerned that it will be too complicated for those that just want a blog. It’s a fair criticism, though I don’t see many people these days using MT as “just a blog.” Six Apart is paying attention, though, and has revised the process to try and strike a balance between features and simplicity. It will be interesting to see how they ultimately solve this issue.

Also this week, Byrne Reese announced that mod_perlite is available This is an Apache module designed to run Perl in much the same way that PHP runs on a web server. This would make MT and other Perl applications faster and less resource intensive. The developers now say they’ve got it running MT and hopefully someone will do some benchmarking soon so we can see the difference.

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