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New York Times Launches Gadget Blog

New York Times Launches Gadget Blog

GadgetwiseThe New York Times is launching Gadgetwise, a gadget blog that goes head to head with the likes of Gizmodo and Engadget (first and foremost), but so far in a less quirky and introvert style. Like you’d expect from the publisher, of course. The welcome post describes it like this:

A new personal-tech blog, Gadgetwise is currently organized around four product categories (digital photography, home entertainment, mobile technology and personal computing), each with a dedicated contributor.

If you want to know who’s writing, there’s an introduction to the five man team as well.

The New York Times already publish the technology blog Bits, which is frequently linked, and a good read really. In that sense, they are not new to the scene. In fact, their blog index is huge, although it looks better than it is.

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I don’t doubt that Gadgetwise will find some readers, but compared to the likes of Engadget and Gizmodo, as well as a wealth of smaller gadget blogs, it looks a bit thin at the moment. That might and will probably change, and there’s the possibility of finding their own reader niche just by the fact that they are located at the New York Times, and the push it can get from there, but my guess is that Gadgetwise won’t be the official CES blog partner for years to come…

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