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nextMEDIA – Online is the New Primetime

nextMEDIA – Online is the New Primetime

I am currently reporting from the nextMEDIA conference in Toronto, Ontario Canada, and if you want to find all of the posts related to the conference, please look for the index on

Bryan Segal from ComScore came out swinging with many stats, facts, graphs, and badly animated presentation slides. His information was absolutely startling, including the growth of the amount of weekly time spent alone was an interesting trend.

With almost twenty-four million Canadians aged two and up are online in any given month with each person spending upwards of 46 hours in that same period of time.

“We are seeing a shift in how people are using media” – Bryan Segal

The Internet is the third longest time spent regarding media today, though in those ages 18 to 24, it is number one.

The reach of the Internet is growing faster than the population growth of Canada. This means that eventually, access to the web could reach a saturation point of nearly one hundred percent. There was 66% growth in how many people have access to the Internet in Canada.

And as penetration grows, so does online video, social media, and blogging. The average Canadian looks at over 4,000 web pages in a single month.

There were three billion videos watched online in Canada in the last twelve months. The average 18-24 year old in canada watches 195 videos per month. While the 55-65 year olds watched around 95 videos per month.

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Google search

“Canada is a Facebook and YouTube Nation” – Bryan Segal

The average woman spends an average of two hours more and goes through 211 more pages on social networking sites per month and is currently trending higher.

Seventy-nine percent of all searches in Canada are pushed through Google.

It is amazing at how Canada, as a country, leads the way in many things online, but we don’t have the fastest, nor cheapest broadband connections, or multimedia cellular phone connections. It is a testament, to me, on how things have evolved and our love of technology.

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