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Sunday Morning SEO: When to Use Pages Over Posts

Sunday Morning SEO: When to Use Pages Over Posts

One of the things that has worked out well for me is strategically using pages. Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean all your content needs to go in posts. Here are a couple instances to consider pages instead.

Sales page: This seems like a no-brainer but I have seen blogs selling their products on posts. Some of the posts are pretty old so the products seem outdated.

Coverage page: If you’re covering something like a conference, you can have a page that’s constantly updated with links to your posts about the event. This type of page gets bookmarked by people that want to keep up with the conference. A category page can work too but I like the cleaner URL of regular pages over category pages.

Future event page: I wrote about preparing for future events two weeks ago. Basically, if you want to get traffic for a future event in your niche, you should set up a landing page about the event a couple weeks in advance. This gives you time to develop relevant content, get the page indexed, build links, and raise awareness. By the time the event rolls around, you should have pretty good rankings over related keywords.

Top posts page: The problem with category pages is that they show your newest posts first instead of your best posts in the category. But you can highlight your best posts in different categories by creating top posts pages. Make sure these pages are prominent on your site and you’ll have a steady stream of traffic to your best posts of all time.

Resource page: If you have comprehensive content that won’t get outdated (at least not for a while), consider a page over a post. For example, SEO Book used a page for their guide, The Blogger’s Guide to SEO. That page got a ton of links when it was published over a year ago. And I’m sure it still gets links today. Also, you can still get feedback and comments about your page by introducing the page with a post and linking to the post at the end of the page.

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Pages are often better at attracting links than posts. They don’t convey a sense of outdatedness whereas a post can quickly look old due to the timestamp.

Over to You

How have you used pages on your blog? What other types of content might better be published as a page instead of a post?

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