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Paul Short Joins The Inquisitr, Finds His Blogging Passion

Paul Short Joins The Inquisitr, Finds His Blogging Passion

Paul Short, who used to run a blog network called Bloglogic back in the day as well as being one of the initial 5 in b5media, has signed up as a permanent resident on Duncan Riley’s The Inquisitr. He’s been writing for the site for some time, at a CPM payment basis of sorts, but as of May 1st, he’s on the more traditional payroll.

Duncan Riley has nothing but good to say about his latest hire:

We didn’t initally set out to hire another permanent writer, however Paul worked exceptionally hard at the CPM role. As well as having a great eye for content, Paul also listened to feedback, and worked very well with the tasks we set. Paul’s previous history with b5media was
actually a negative for me: I don’t have a good history with hiring people I’ve previously worked with, and I told Paul that up front. He reminded me of his outstanding qualities after taking the initial
position, and on that basis I was happy to have him on the team.

So what about Paul Short then?

Short version – more of the passion, excitement and great content the Inquisitr was built on.

I’ve known Duncan Riley for a few years – since 2004 when he was publishing the Blog Herald and always liked his understanding and energy for blogging. From the first time I saw the Inquisitr a year ago, I knew the site would be a winner. So when Duncan put out the call for writers in late March, I jumped at the opportunity to work on the site with him and his team.

Prior to that, I had lost my passion for blogging but these guys have re-energized that passion. It’s great to be back at it, pumping out posts side by side with blogging pioneers like in the good old days :-)

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You used to run a blog network, and now you’re doing freelance writing. Do you miss the Bloglogic days?

Sure, I miss those days. The blog network didn’t work out the way I had hoped but it’s an experience I thoroughly enjoyed and wouldn’t give back for the world. The way I look at it, you win some and you lose some, but I consider myself a winner since those experiences back then are what led me to have the opportunity to work with great guys like Duncan, Steven and JR at the Inquisitr.

For those of you who doesn’t know it, Duncan Riley founded the Blog Herald way back.

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