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State of The Blogosphere in 2010

State of The Blogosphere in 2010

One of the biggest questions about the internet since several years is ‘How big is the blogosphere’ or How many blogs are there?. While the answer to the last question almost impossible to count is, BlogPulse currently tracks almost 150 million websites, identified as blogs.

We wanted to know more and decided to analyse more data, such as how much revenue is generated from blogs and what are the key demographics for the blogging publishers. We also were interested in the languages used online and their spread. The result of all this can be found in our State of The Blogosphere infographic.

The average earnings made by blogs are a ten fold of the investment made to sites with most hobbyists surprisingly missing out on any earnings, but investing an incredible $1,500 in their blogs. In these economic challenging times for many, maybe it’s time to reconsider mortgages and loans and get some solid advice from the folks at Credit Loan. After all blogging is not a cheap task it seems and part timers invest even more in their blogging habits, more than $10,000, with rather low profit.

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