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Tip’d Launch Progress

Tip’d Launch Progress

I just heard from Muhammad Saleem (he of the Digg-guru-ness) about his Digg for finance niche, Tip’d. It just turned version 1.0 which is a big milestone and shows they are confident in the platform they are building. I am always interested to hear about site launches and startups stories, not only because I find them fascinating but it helps to learn from others’ successes and goofs.

Muhammad tells me they have been in public beta for a month and are already attracting 3k views a day to the site, with 24,000 tips from 1,800 members. In only 30 days they are healthily competing with other already estabilished social bookmarking sites.


Can they compete with Digg and Reddit? Good question, but the wrong one I think!

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They are already competing with Digg and Reddit, because part of the reason for their site to exist is the particular niche they are playing in is under served by the big boys.

Niche is where it is at for the future of social bookmarking I believe. Just like inetnet marketing was spurned by the big social sites so Sphinn was created, finance topics have a home in Tip’d.

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