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Twitter Partners Launches: The Hidden Twitter Business Model

Twitter Partners Launches: The Hidden Twitter Business Model

Twitter PartnersTwitter Partners is a company focusing on helping other companies utilize Twitter, as in doing PR and utilizing the platform. There are several companies that offer Twitter consultation, but as the name implies, Twitter Partners has got Twitter endorsing it. This means Twitter Partners should be able to build pretty cool applications and solutions for Twitter usage, since the fact that Twitter is backing the company should mean that they can have an ongoing dialogue with the developers. If nothing else, Twitter Partners are bound to get a nice flow of new clients – they already scored a couple of heavy names in Europe – because of this relationship.

Not that I doubt the likelihood of success for Twitter Partners. I mean, take a look at the names on the about page! These are experienced online entrepreneurs and money spenders, they should be able to make the most of consultancy services around Twitter.

I would expect more, though, than just serving companies more or less obvious models on how they can use Twitter to empower their brands and personalities. Will we see applications and solutions that monitor the Twitter buzz in a more manageable way than Twitter Search, for business use of course? Or perhaps the licensing of cool platforms for websites like the ones Federated Media’s been doing? Speaking of which, will we perhaps see an announcement of partnership – or more – between these two companies?

Perhaps not. The only thing we really know is that Twitter Partners aims to help companies to utilize Twitter to its fullest. If they are successful, that means money for Twitter, hence the “hidden business model” title on this story. I wouldn’t be the least surprised if we, sometime after Summer, were able to pull all the strings together and found a solid model for Twitter, with revenue coming from different directions, with today’s free service in the very middle.

Peter Read, who’s the one responsible for setting up this company, says this to NMA about Twitter:

“It has only 30 employees, most of whom are engineers and has been bombarded by approaches. It’s only just starting to hire business people,” said Read. “The company is excited about the likes of P&G and record labels approaching it but doesn’t have the people to handle this interest, so it’s happy to send them our way.”

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So yeah, Twitter pushing these clients to Twitter Partners, and getting a piece of the action without having to offer ad space or anything other than the same basic free accounts that you and me use, that could be serious business.

There’s a little more on this on Techmeme. Naturally, you want to follow the Blog Herald on Twitter, right?

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