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Want a free mobile site for your blog?

Want a free mobile site for your blog?

I have been seeing more and more about mobile social software. With the flood of new handheld devices and the spread of broadband access, it felt like a good time to explore options for building my own mobile site.

THE FIND: My search ended when I came across WINKsite, a service that lets you construct feature rich mobile sites in minutes.

 Forums, surveys, journals, guestbooks and RSS feeds are just some of the features that you can include in your mobile site. WINKsite hosts the site for you, and makes sure it will be compatible with a variety of mobile devices. In fact they have been working on porting WINKsites to the Nintendo Wii, DS-Lite, Sony PSP, and the new Apple iPhone.


WINKsite is also strongly positioning itself within the mobile social space by providing a range of features and site tools, which allow users to stay in touch online or via their mobile device. For instance there is the “Conversations from WINKsite” widget, which can be embedded into your blog or site. The Conversations widget tracks discussions that are using the WINKsite’s chat feature.


THE TEST: Two weeks ago I wrote about a “mashup” I made called “Fest Mob,” which has festival goers documenting the Sundance Film Festival with their mobile phones.

Part of the “mashup” involved a mobile site I created using WINKsite. The goal was to provide a mobile version of the Fest Mob so festival goers could follow the discussion.



THE PROS: The registration is easy and I was up and running within moments. It is possible to create a number of pages for each of your WINKsites. One of the strongest aspects of the service is the ability to pull in RSS feeds. For those looking to create a mobile version of your blog, there is an easy way to add your own feed. Unlike other services that allow for simple feed integration, WINKsite pours on the features. It is possible to add forums, surveys, chat, and even your own magazine.

THE CONS: At times the interface offers so much that it might be a bit confusing for the novice wanting to create a site. I also found myself wishing there was an easy way to integrate video, such as, a simple way to upload or link to your video files. Lastly, WINKsite could use a better directory, one that would allow users to discover interesting mobile sites easily.

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OVERALL: WINKsite is amazing and an excellent way to create a rich mobile site. It is packed with features and possibilities. The service that WINKsite provides is cutting edge and allows for easy mobile site and community creation. Best of all it is ad free and will cost you nothing! With its future movement towards more social features and the promise of an easier interface, it is positioned well for the next gen in mobile site creation.

9 out of 10

One question for:
David Harper Founder of WINKsite

What are some of the ways that people are using WINKsite?

David Harper: “Bloggers like BoingBoing, blog networks like Metroblogging, and entertainment companies like Warner Bros. Records use us to build mobile sites, syndicate content & events, and recruit communities.

Individuals from Mumbai and Manilla, London, Toronto, and San Francisco use us to connect with friends, make new ones, or simply organize their feeds and favorites for easy access on their mobile phones. For others, it’s all about claiming their own piece of the mobile Internet.”

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