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What Should You Blog About During the Pandemic and Beyond?

What Should You Blog About During the Pandemic and Beyond?

Keeping a niche in mind will help reduce the overwhelming pressure of choosing topics to write about. The theme of the blog takes charge of the direction of the content. It also narrows down the focus of the content and tells the owner what to blog about. However, the current pandemic has changed blogging forever.

Here are a few good niches that can help you choose what to blog about during this pandemic.

What to blog about during the pandemic. Image Source: Pixabay

Food, Recipes and Cooking ideas

Even without a pandemic, blogs about food, recipes, and cooking are pretty popular. With takeaways and drive-thrus unavailable during the start of the mandated community quarantines, there simply is no other option than to cook.

Many Millenials prefer takeaways and fast food than cooking at home. This is because they usually live away from their family because of their careers. Typically living alone, cooking for one is not exciting enough and takes up too much time and effort.

However, things started to change because of the pandemic. There are real risks of unprecedented exposure when eating out or ordering food. This is why many people started to consider cooking at home for health reasons. Not only that, but many people also decided to eat healthier meals.

One specific niche that is getting quite the hype nowadays is sustainable eating and cooking. People are now moving towards getting better nutrition and at the same time being a responsible consumer. This includes zero-waste cooking options, plant-based diets, and more.

DIY and Home Improvement Niche

With the lockdown and mandated quarantine, many people now have the time to finally do that home project they have been putting off. This may be repainting an area in the house, changing the flooring of a room, constructing a separate room, and more. Even after the pandemic, home improvement niches generate a lot of traffic. There is a wide range of audiences.

Some people simply want to look for a new hobby and weeks inside the house with nothing to do is the perfect time to learn something new. Maybe a hobby blog or a tutorial blog is better?

What to blog about Finance and Investments

With a lot of people losing businesses and jobs because of the economic effects of the pandemic, people are starting to get wiser about their finances. This is why ‘money-making’ websites, finance handling tutorials, and investments are quite popular topics nowadays.

For instance, choose to blog to inform about available small-time investments which are applicable for individuals. It is good to help others learn where to put their money, and how to get about it. Sometimes that little nudge of knowledge gives enough confidence for a wise investment. Another is to develop a blog that gives ‘money-generating’ tips and activities.

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Or better yet, create a website that teaches individuals how to develop their own independent blogs. Teach tips on how to generate income from creating content. This is an interesting niche to blog about.

Health and Fitness

Gyms, parks, and other public areas are currently closed during the pandemic. Staying outside for long periods of time is actually discouraged. However, in this pandemic, it is important to keep the body strong and healthy. This is why home workouts became quite popular this year. It is possible to get the body you want just by working out at home, even without any gym equipment. This is what health and fitness blogs always teach their audiences.

It is helpful to focus first on home exercises and tips for beginners or people who have not been into fitness for a long time. Give your readers the confidence to start a new exercise routine. Then, it is also a good idea to look at different fitness trends like HIIT or yoga.

What to blog about Parenting

Especially now that schools are closed due to the pandemic, parents have to handle work, kids, and house management all at once. Why not give a little help by developing a parenting website. In this niche, there are a variety of topics to blog about. An example would be healthy food alternatives, smart activities for children, and more. Homeschooling tutorials or tips is also a popular search topic nowadays.

Pro-Tips to determine what to blog about:

  • Do not choose a blog you know nothing about, even if it is very profitable. This reduces the credibility and authenticity of a blog. Eventually, without quality work, a blog will not be able to generate traffic.
  • It is important to select a niche that is not overly specific. For instance, creating a recipe blog is great but developing a chicken recipe website does not necessarily make sense. Although it is possible to create a blog focused entirely on chicken recipes, the target audience is significantly reduced and lower organic internet traffic will be produced.
  • Always evolve content. Research about what content is popular with your target audience. Improve your content to fit their requests.

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