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Will Google+ Live Up To Its Name With Brand Accounts?

Will Google+ Live Up To Its Name With Brand Accounts?

Google+ is growing, and it’s growing fast. But will this new platform meet the needs of professionals? With plans to implement brand accounts in the foreseeable future, there are a lot of wishes on every social media manager’s wish list. To get the most out of this technology for a brand there are a host of things people would like to see.

Top of most wish lists is a robust API. In today’s advertising soaked virtual marketplace, having the functionality to allow brand accounts to streamline and customize will be paramount. Making Google+ more decentralized will increase its effectiveness for brand accounts. Problems would occur naturally with scaling issues and as more invites are being handed out to everyone. As more and more branded apps become possible the need to stifle them for the sake of quality control comes to the front. But just as Android has worked for Google in the past to remedy these issues, it will only be a matter of time before the issue (if it becomes one) would be solved.

Social media managers would also like to see some changes with the Hangouts feature of Google+ . This video group chat feature could have limitless possibilities. From real-time chat with brand representatives to contest winner forums, the sky (and the manager’s creativity) is the limit. The current limit of 10 users per chat would most likely need adjusting for brand accounts to truly get the most out of this technology.

The most anticipated part of Google+ is the Circles. Grouping contacts in a Circle has caught on quickly. Those familiar with Twitter and its private and public follows can instantly see the benefit of this feature. From peer to peer communication to consumer customer service, the benefits of having effective and optimized Circles are huge. Addition of a live chat and search feature would be the two most anticipated changes, making the process of finding answers to consumer problems quicker and easier.

Beyond adding depth to the features already present, many would love to see the integration of Google Analytics. Since many social media managers are already familiar with Google Analytics and use them daily, it would make sense for Google+ to integrate them. Tracking +1’s will be a great jumping off point for adding solid analytics to the Google+ platform. The engagement and reach of each post, each +1 and each hangout would all greatly benefit social media managers wanting to get the most of Google+. Site referral, mobile referral, and account referral will all help managers track their brand growth.

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These are just a few of the many changes and features that social media managers would like to see in Google+. Many, many more will come to light as the brand accounts go live.

Google+ is still a relatively new social networking platform, but it looks promising as Google continues to implement improvements. If you have not yet experienced Google+, you can get a free invite to register an account at With an account, you can see the features that it has to offer; Circles, Hangouts, Huddles, Games, and much more.

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