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WordPress News: Widget API, Bye-Bye Kubrick, Query_Posts Plugin, and Template Tag Plugin

WordPress News: Widget API, Bye-Bye Kubrick, Query_Posts Plugin, and Template Tag Plugin

New WordPress Widgets API Feedback Wanted: The WordPress developers are seeking testers and feedback on the new Widgets API which will be released with WordPress 2.8.

Time to Say Bye-Bye to Kubrick? asks if it is time for Kubrick to retire. Known as the Default WordPress Theme that comes with every installation of WordPress, many have been calling for a replacement.

Integrating bbPress with BuddyPress: While many are working with to integrate , Trent Adams writes about integrating bbPress with BuddyPress.

WordPress 2.8 News and Development: The WordPress Development team has confirmed that WordPress 2.8 will be released in April. Articles and features worth noting on WordPress 2.8 development include:

Query_Posts WordPress Plugin: Query_Posts WordPress Plugin by Justin Tadlock uses the query_posts template tag to generate a variety of post lists. There is now a video tutorial on .

Template Tag Shortcodes in a Plugin: Justin Tadlock has created the Template Tag Shortcodes WordPress Plugin to insert WordPress template tags into blog posts and Pages so they will initiate the PHP or WordPress code function.

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