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You, Me and We in Blogging

You, Me and We in Blogging

NASA - EarthOne of the very best things that drew me to the internets back in the early 90’s was I could finally connect with people all around the world.

OK, through various patched-together solutions bulletin boards were kind of able to approach this ideal, but it was only with the growing popularity of the internet that the promise of an international network was fulfilled.

Even so, it seems a number of people forget that the internet is more than their home town.

You see it on blogs and on social media sites such as Digg:

  • “We” did this ______________
  • What “We” should do about _______________
  • “Our” election
  • “Our” economy
  • “Our” values

It is also common to see intolerance of other people’s grasp of the English language, as if it is obvious. No, it’s not obvious to people who have not grown up speaking a very complicated and difficult language.

What can we do to be more inclusive?

Just be aware that what might be obvious, straight forward and compelling to you, might not be shared by people who you meet, communicate with or attract to your blog.

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Most importantly, be interested, ask questions and be open.

More and more people around the world are gaining access to the internet every day, and that can only be a good thing, providing “we” welcome them :)

What is your experience of connecting with people from different countries and cultures through the internet? Please share in the comments …

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