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4 Key Points on Cloud Computing

4 Key Points on Cloud Computing

cloud-computingCloud Computing is a buzzword that has been floating around the web over the past few years and certainly even the least tech-wise of us all have encountered the technology at some level. Whether it’s through the use of common web services or devices at your place of work. The technology is impossible to avoid and is now a critical component in our daily personal and business lives.

Cloud computing is leveraging the now much lower costs of internet bandwidth, hardware and network infrastructure to deliver network services to economies of scale. Essentially, pooling resources to deliver cost-effective internet-based services to businesses and for personal use. So technical implementations and services which cost hundreds and thousands of dollars a decade ago are now available for a few dollars per month. These services are not basic services either, they can be as complex as cloud professional services automation or financial applications.

So, are you leveraging the power of this ever-evolving technology? If not, here are 4 reasons why you should seriously consider.

Lowered Cost of Entry

The opportunities for cost saving here are innumerable as the traditional cost of acquiring and setting up certain types of services and features are diminished by companies offering various types of cloud computing services. Tools such as the Salesforce service cloud help to make customer service more efficient.

Here’s a scenario:

You want to start a new business and you need an accounting software, new computers, data backup and storage facility, business email and an on-call technician. All these can run you over $6,000 in acquisition costs as you struggle to purchase all the hardware required for setup and labor costs to pay a technician to setup and monitor. All these can be reduced to an initial cost of less than $1,000 thanks to cloud computing service providers.

Here are some examples of providers:

Accounting Software – Depending on how complex your business is, you may start with Quickbooks Online at $12.95 per month.

Data Storage & BackupGoogle Drive or Dropbox start at $9.95 per month with free packages offering up to 15GB of storage space.

Business Email – You can setup your own email account through a service like HostGator for as low as $9.95 per month.

On-Call Technician – Most of the service providers above offer free support with their paid plans so you’ll never be alone. If you do need some help you can hire a technician or a University student at as little as $25 per hour.

The only purchase remains is the computer which is unavoidable.

With this approach your initial capital expense is significantly reduced and you won’t need to hire an IT Manager.

Lowered Deployment Times

Have a new idea or website you need to launch? Most cloud computing services offer ready-made “out of the box” solutions to get you started almost instantly at almost any scale. For example, Amazon’s Elastic Cloud solutions enable users to deploy servers ready to host millions of website visitors in mere minutes versus investing in servers on your own which could run you into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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The time to take your ideas to market is reduced.

Unparalleled Mobility & Scalability

Cloud computing means that you can access your data and services from any device with a web browser, stationary or mobile, from anywhere in the world. You don’t need to be bound to a location to get your stuff done. Heck, you can even launch a new office at the other end of the world with the same access to data and services.

Avoid Costly Obsolescence

Replacing outdated legacy systems is difficult and expensive. Not to mention depreciation of value on equipment purchased and maintained in-house and risk of loss to disasters or theft. Since cloud computing providers are responsible for maintaining and investment in vast infrastructure to deliver services to you, you don’t have to worry about obsolescence. Plus, it’s easy to switch to another provider is you’re dissatisfied with a particular service.

You’re in greater control.

Cloud computing allows the average person and business to save big time while enjoying powerful tools and services. Absolutely everything is shifting towards cloud technology and the benefits just make sense. It’s time for you to start leveraging it.

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