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5 Healthy Lifestyle Blogs to Know This 2020

5 Healthy Lifestyle Blogs to Know This 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world like an unexpected slap; paralyzing businesses, crashing economies, and causing many people to lose jobs. A lot of us have also lost loved ones, friends, or friends of friends. No matter the degree of separation, it always feels like it hit home. Reality is scary and tough for both the mind and body.

There has never been a greater time when health and wellbeing are pushed to the top of priorities. While scientists scramble to develop a vaccine and a cure, we are asked to stay home. Our job is to keep our immunity high so it can fight COVID-19. It is time for a healthy lifestyle. To help us in the process, here are healthy lifestyle blogs we can read.

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1. Delish Knowledge

Screenshot from Delish Knowledge

Delish Knowledge is run by Alexandra Caspero, a registered dietitian and plant-based chef. She is also a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and registered yoga teacher. Alexandra is also a mother.

Alexandra calls herself a “cool dietitian” because — since she has worked on eating disorders — she does not believe in food restriction and deprivation. What she wants is for people to establish a healthy relationship with food.

Delish Knowledge features recipes with nutrition information, articles or roundups on nutrition, and blog entries on motherhood and other aspects of Alexandra’s life (like her travels). If you are looking to transition to a plant-based diet, this blog is for you.

2. Fit Bottomed Girls

Screenshot from Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls believes that “you can’t hate yourself healthy,” a message that resonates with a lot of people trying to lose weight. The key, they say, to finally reaching your goal weight and dream body is to have a healthy relationship with your body first.

The blog was originally founded by Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead in 2008. Erin decided to pursue other paths in 2017, and Kristen Seymour joined Jennipher in the quest to make people realize that they are more than just the number on the scale.

Jennipher and Kristen are both certified fitness professionals who understand what it is like to be overweight and in bad shape, and the struggle that comes with shedding the weight and changing one’s life. They’ve been there. They can empathize.

3. Mommypotamus

Screenshot from Mommypotamus

Okay, so there’s the Momzilla and the Mommypotamus. The former is usually a negative nickname for terror moms; the latter is an affectionate nickname taken by a mom (not in any way shaped like a hippopotamus) and the blog’s founder, Heather Dessinger.

Heather suffered from chronic illnesses as a child. She found relief not in hospitals but in her kitchen. There is a famous quote attributed to Hippocrates that says: “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” This is what Mommypotamus advocates.

Heather likes to write about the “transformative power of wholesome ingredients.” She also works with medical experts who help her with her blog’s direction and content: Dr. Scott Sorries, MD; Dr. Madiha Saeed, MD; Dr. Sheila Kilbane, MD; and Dr. Mariza Snyder, DC. (These doctors are game-changers in their respective fields of expertise, too.)

4. Natural Living Ideas

Screenshot from Natural Living Ideas

Natural Living Ideas is for those who want to plant their own food and do many things around the use of plants. They share a lot of do-it-yourself tips, from food to cleaners, to decor. This blog is not just about being healthy — it is also about going green and being good to the planet.

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It can be about saving from buying tons of beauty products, too, while reducing your carbon footprint. From hair care to skincare to teeth whitening and even waxing, they have the recipes and processes that you can try at home (These are tips that would be good to share with your kids so they grow up embracing the green lifestyle.).

Natural Living Ideas started in 2013 geared towards the natural living community. Its content is created by health coaches, sustainability experts, mothers, nutritionists, and gardeners. They are Susan Patterson, Lydia Noyes, Debbie Wolfe, Lindsay Sheehan, Sharon Falsetto, and Sarah Garone.

5. A Healthy Slice of Life

Screenshot from A Healthy Slice of Life

A Healthy Slice of Life is actually about three healthy slices or facets of the life of blogger Brittany Dixon: food, family, and travel. Brittany is a mom to two girls and an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified fitness instructor, lifestyle and wealth management consultant, and health coach.

When Brittany became a mom, she decided to close her own metabolic testing and health coaching business to be a stay-at-home mom. This was when she began blogging and went beyond health to include the two other aspects of her life that contribute to her wellbeing. (In her blog, Brittany discloses that ads you see are affiliates, and she makes a commission with every click. Now that’s proper disclosure.)

While most of Brittany’s recipes are plant-based, since she has kids, she advocates the pegan diet (which combines the paleo and vegan ways of eating). She shares a lot of recipes for picky eaters, too. Under “Family,” she shares more about her journey as a mother, her kids’ homeschool teacher, and running a natural household. Under “Travel,” she shares about her trips with her family, her husband, and her gal pals.

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These healthy lifestyle blogs not only guide us on our quest towards wellness on all fronts; they also show us that even the fittest people we see today started somewhere. We learn of their stories and journeys and hopefully derive inspiration to work towards our own wellness (and maybe start our own blogs!) no matter how busy we are.

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