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5 Major Blogging Conferences You Still Have Time to Get Prepared For

5 Major Blogging Conferences You Still Have Time to Get Prepared For

Every blogger launches their site with the intention of success, but not every blogger takes advantage of the many resources available to them and this draws a distinct line between success and failure for blogs new and old. When competing with millions of other offerings, nothing less than your absolute best effort will do. Thankfully for every blogger, the support network in place to offer encouragement and tools is massive and this is evidenced by the many high quality events and meetups revolving around the subject of successful blogging to be found all around the world at any given time.

Take your blogging game up a notch and gain some ground on your competition by attending any or all of these five major blogging conferences that you still have time to get prepared for.

1.Triberr + MyBlogGuest Event

MyBlogGuest + Triberr

Co-organized by Triberr and My Blog Guest, the event promises to provide an engaging atmosphere in which to spark exciting conversation, inspiring each attendee and allowing them to leave with new tools and new ideas.

When and Where: The event is held on September 22, 2012, providing a perfect atmosphere for a weekend of both professional empowerment and pure fun!

2. Digital Marketing Seminar IMTC

Digital Marketing Seminar IMTC

Being a big time blogger means running a full-fledged business, making business education a crucial part of being a successful online publisher. The Digital Marketing Seminar presented by IMTC offers the ability to immerse yourself in what it takes to be a successful blogger, marketer and business manager, helping to guide you through the complicated digital landscape in which you plan to thrive.

When and Where: Sunny Miami, Florida is the home of the IMTC Conference and its Digital Marketing Seminar, offering a backdrop of white sand beaches to your professional endeavors. You can book a hotel here

3. Bloggy Boot Camp Chicago

Bloggy Boot Camp Chicago

The popular Bloggy Boot Camp tour will be making a stop in Chicago this year, hosting what’s being dubbed a “Brand Edition” of the regular conference. Some of the biggest names in blogging will be on hand to discuss topics such as professional branding, public relations tactics and other blog-as-a-business focused themes. Aside from the natural benefits of mingling with the very best in your niche, Bloggy Boot Camp promises to help shape you into a better blogger, giving you the tools and ideas that you need to take your success into the future.

When and Where: Bloggy Boot Camp: Brand Edition is set to hit Chicago on November 2-3, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the city’s downtown, providing a great taste of the famous Windy City during your stay. Please find the official lodging info here

4. FitBloggin Conference

FitBloggin Conference

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If you’re a blogger in the niche of health and wellness, the Fitbloggin Conference offers a unique opportunity to attend an event that focuses on exactly what you do! Bringing together bloggers interested in healthy living, FitBloggin covers all of the topics you’d expect while adding in unbeatable insight from the very best of your colleagues in the industry.

When and Where: Fit-minded bloggers will descend on Baltimore, Maryland from September 20-23, 2012 for the FitBloggin Conference, with all events to be held in the Inner Harbor at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

5. Bloggy Conference

Bloggy Conference

An extension of the Bloggy Moms Community, a tight network of mom-focused female bloggers from around the world, the Bloggy Conference is an event focusing on the parenting niche and everything that it is to be both a mother and a blogger. Networking aside, attendees will take part in talks and workshops aimed at delivering real tools and solutions to be implemented in your blogging endeavors, helping you along your road to success.

When and Where: Pay a visit to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio from September 27-29, 2012 in order to rub shoulders with the best of the mommy blogger niche at the Bloggy Conference.

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