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A look at the Memediggers

A look at the Memediggers

Some of the best reviews and in-depth reporting on the Web 2.0 world has been coming out of The Social Software Blog over at Weblogs, Inc..

Today is no exception, as Marshall Kirkpatrick digs into four MemediggersDigg, Reddit, Meneame, and Hugg:

Call them memediggers, community moderated news sites, or digg clones. User submitted news moderated up or down by other users and available for comments. Call them whatever you wish, this new class of social media warrants close examination in order to make the most of the potential it presents. Which of these sites get the most use, see the most conversation and are most useful to their readers? How should people looking to launch new digg-style sites organize things in order to maximize adoption and impact?

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