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About the Blog Herald

About the Blog Herald

At The Blog Herald, our goal is to provide the best possible resource of blog and blogging related news on the net.

The Blog Herald was founded by Duncan Riley as a resource for bloggers in March 2003. Commencing as a basic blog, the site has grown to become a portal of individual and corporate blogging news averaging over 300,000 page views per month from a committed, regular readship over over 11,000 unique users per month.

The Blog Herald continues to grow, with its 4th incarnation embracing a classic 3 column design for ease of readership.

As at February 2005, The Blog Herald is viewd by over 80,000 unique readers every month with over 250,000 page views.


Thank you so much for your good (and fast!) response to Anick Jesdanun’s negative spin on the latest Pew Report.

And, not coincidentally, The Blog Herald is today’s Feedster Feed of the Day. (“Feed of the Day” is a service we do for Feedster users, pointing them toward a new or timely or under-appreciated or just plain unexpected RSS feed.)

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The Blog Herald has been on my list as a future choice for quite a while–you cover a lot of topics of interest to bloggers and do it well.
Betsy Devine

Just wanted to let you know that I am a regular reader of The Blog Herald. As the founder of a weblogging platform with more than 90,000 registered users, I find BH to be a very rich source of information for our evolving industry. Thanks for all the work you do to track key events and happenings as the world of personal web publishing unfolds.

Adam Weinroth
Founder & President

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