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All the Cool Web Apps You Could Need, All In One Place

All the Cool Web Apps You Could Need, All In One Place

Web Apps are popping up left and right, and keeping track of the good ones can be a chore. So it’s always nice when others do the work for you.

The Aviva Directory has a nice beefy article on the Top 25 Web Apps to Grow Your Business. While they market the tools to small business entrepreneurs, there are some great productivity tools on the list for everyone, including bloggers.

One of the great things about Web 2.0 apps is that the good ones introduce new, more effective ways of doing old tasks. From collaboration tools like Campfire and ConceptShare to online office suites like Zoho and ThinkFree, the productive blogger can’t go wrong.

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But I have to say that the most innovative idea of all has to be Prosper. Prosper transforms the lending process so that people with good ideas might get hooked up with lenders who believe in their ideas. That sounds pretty awesome to me.

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