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Apology Accepted

Apology Accepted

It takes character to apologise in public, so apology accepted. Sure I’m blunt, occasionally crude and snarky, but I judge people as I see them, not based on their color or what side they bat for. I will however always reserve the right to poke fun at Nick Denton’s love life given he makes a quid from pedalling rumors and gossip about other peoples love lives, and this is totally irrelevant to his sexual preference. My little experience with Nick also would indicate he has a pretty good sense of humor as well….for an Englishman :-)

For Matt’s reference here is some recent coverage and comment I’ve made on the GLBT community on the Blog Herald:
Erosion Media Launches Gay Political Blog
Student punished over homophobic comment on blog
David Hauslaib launches new GLBT blog
just a note that David is a champ and a bloke I’ve got a lot of time for, and he hired Brad of Young Bradford fame, one of the first blogs I ever read and got hooked on (oh, and it was all about his gay love life as well!)
Teenage blogger released from ‘€œex-gay’€? camp
Teen blogs about forced trip to ex-gay camp

And that’s just a few links…..

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