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Are Bloggers the Boomers of the Blogosphere?

Are Bloggers the Boomers of the Blogosphere?

Let’s start with the fact. Boomers had the best music. Don’t take my word. Believe Jennifer Kalita of the Second 50 Years.

Turn on most radio stations and you’ll hear a variety of popular pop and rock. Dating woes and the struggles inherent to growing up are explored in excruciating detail by young songbirds, rhyming rappers, and electric guitar-wielding hard rock stars. And all of this is great…if you’re 22.

The baby boomer consumer, however, grew up a long time ago, and did so during a time of musical revolution. This fact is not lost on advertisers trying to reach boomers, who use the music of the 60s and 70s to encourage nostalgia and evoke memories of a time gone by in an effort to connect with their boomer prospects.

It was a music revolution fed by the fact that talent met technology at boomer juncture. Musicians got jazzed about what they might do next to push the envelop. Music was like another world.

Sound familiar?

We are the boomers of virtual blogosphere. Talent once again meets technology and gets us jazzed about possibilities. We are thinking ideas through faster, making international connections, communicating in so many media, discussions are lasting for days or longer.

Hear the sound of the Internet? It’s the sound of so many keys making musical conversation. Minds meeting about everything from technology to knitting. All of them driven by the ability to meet and swap information with others of like passions.

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What does it take to be a boomer of the blogosphere? It takes appreciation of those who went before us. It takes knowing that we stand on the shoulders of giants. It takes the irreverence of innovators, bloggers get jazzed about writting their message for readers, and folks who will tweak the CSS to hear the melodious experience of an artful code well delivered.

Newsweek asked the question, “Did boomers change music or did the music change them?
I wonder the same about the future of blogging, will bloggeing change the media or will the media come in and changing blogging

Ah heck, they couldn’t change the music, and they won’t change bloggers either.

Liz Strauss writes about people, ideas, and thinking in the virtual community that is Successful Blog.

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