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Attensa Announces RSS Network

Attensa Announces RSS Network

New company Attensa, Inc., is making its public debut at Gnomedex 5 with the announcement that they are rolling out the first phase of a comprehensive RSS Network. The Attensa RSS network uses “attention” metadata to intelligently deliver relevant up-to-the-minute information to people on any device they choose.

The Attensa RSS network is based on unique, proven intellectual property in a scaleable RSS architecture that efficiently organizes, distributes and measures RSS news feed articles and their associated attention metadata. Using Attensa network attention streams that accommodate the Attention.xml standard, metadata is filtered to deliver the most relevant information.

The Attensa RSS network is an integrated collection of software tools that organize, distribute, process and measure RSS attention streams in an end-to-end RSS network. The product line consists of RSS reader/aggregator clients and client technology, associated workgroup and enterprise servers and an underlying value-add infrastructure that aggregates and triangulates attention stream metadata.

(ed note: useless for me, I don’t use Outlook, but many others do)

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