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Bastard of the Blogs: Robert Scoble

Bastard of the Blogs: Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble Card

Those Bastards have memorialized yet another A-List Blogger into the Bastard of the Blogs card series with the addition of Robert Scoble:

Robert Scoble, known as the Scobleizer to most of the blogosphere and as the guy that sucks up to Dave Winer on a regular basis to bloggers that don’t like him, plays the part of ombudsman and technical evangelist for monopolist Microsoft. Think Guy Kawasaki without the skills to the job right.

Claim to fame

Prior to his current cushy gig with the Borg, Scoble was a director of marketing for UserLand Software, and a sales support manager at NEC Software. Other than his friendship with Dave Winer, he looks like he might also be the buffalo wings eating champion at his local Hooters.

Reality check

While Robert is one of the few a-listers that actually keeps his comments open to give the appearance of a two-way conversation, occasionally some of the comments “disappear” if he doesn’t agree with him.

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part-time work

A small fanatical base goes a long way in the blogosphere, and Scoble is a prime example. There are a lot of sheep people that idolize him – thousands of his minions participated in the “hate Scoble” campaign, giving him thousands of links to his blog.

Part of his job as an evangelist for Microsoft is to spin stories and issues to his employer’s advantage. He does so by distraction from the real issues.

There’s more as well on the post at Those Bastards.

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