Blogdigger and Webjay Announce Partnership for Enhanced Audio/Video Search

Blogdigger, Inc., a search engine for blogs and syndicated content, and Webjay, a community playlist site, announced today a strategic partnership. Webjay will utilize Blogdigger’s Media Search technology to provide enhanced audio and video search to their users to aid them in quickly finding audio/video content. Blogdigger will utilize Webjay’s PlayThisPage technology to enable users of its Media Search to quickly and easily create a playlist to listen or view and save media search results.

“The problem Webjay had is that both search and playlists are hard, and we couldn’t do a really great job with playlists if we spent our resources on search. We tried other methods for searching our site’s web pages, but the search results just weren’t very good in terms of our application’s unique requirements,” said Lucas Gonze, founder and creator of WebJay. “The information needed to do a great job with Webjay is in our RSS feeds more than in our web pages. Blogdigger was able to do a better job because Blogdigger specializes in RSS searches.”

Blogdigger’s syndicated content aggregation platform indexes new additions to Webjay’s playlists as they are updated, allowing Webjay’s users to quickly find audio or video by keyword search. Search results from Blogdigger will direct users back to Webjay’€™s site, helping them discover new media content.

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“Webjay’s growing community of individuals creating playlists of freely available music on the Web represents a tremendous source of information for our Media Search engine,” said Greg Gershman, President and founder of Blogdigger. “In addition, Webjay’s PlayThisPage technology enables our users to capture an audio/video search result feed as a playlist, saving a persistent copy of the search for future use. The combination of these technologies demonstrates how RSS can be used to create a better search experience. We’re excited to be working with Webjay to demonstrate the possibilities for enhanced media search with RSS.”

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