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BlogFlix Delivers New Technology for Video and Photo Blogs

BlogFlix Delivers New Technology for Video and Photo Blogs

Press release> Transvector releases BlogFlix, an online service that creates and delivers videos for blog entries. BlogFlix users can convert their online photo galleries into movies, displaying them along with regular digital video clips within a small frame in a blog. Running in the Flash player found in 95% of browsers worldwide, BlogFlix movies are fully compatible with the most popular blog software hosts.

The BlogFlix authoring tool launches directly from the service’s web site ( With its simple interface users can add zoom and pan movements to photographs along with text captions and audio. The tool generates a snippet of HTML text that is pasted into any blog entry to make the movie appear there.

“BlogFlix is the only browser based technology of its kind,” says Transvector’s CEO Mark Borthwick. “It gives the average Internet user a simple way to create and publish online movies without downloading software. You don’t even need to have a blog to use it, nor a movie camera for that matter. Anyone can make and share a BlogFlix movie like an e-mail greeting card.”

Movies made with BlogFlix combine the virtues of web browsers and regular blogs. Viewers can comment and interact with a BlogFlix presentation, using navigational tabs to browse through as many as ten video “scenes” in a single BlogFlix frame.

The proprietary technology behind the service does not rely on the creation of bulky media files, avoiding a key pitfall of digital video. Borthwick explains, “Watching one of these movies in a blog is like seeing a person reappear from a Star Trek transporter beam, because the movie is reconstructed inside the blog from many pieces that have been stored and scattered all across the Internet. That’s why it is so light and fast.”

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The BlogFlix service is currently free. A subscriber version will be offered within a month.

Transvector, Inc. is a startup venture in visual media delivery technologies and systems based in Washington DC. It markets, sells, develops and supports media communications solutions based upon its innovations in rich Internet applications.

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