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Blogger Beta feature complete, non-SEO, and Godin on trademarks

Blogger Beta feature complete, non-SEO, and Godin on trademarks

I really need to clean up my feed reader, it’€™s swamped with hundreds and yet hundreds of posts I’€™ll never read.

Some nice ones though. Like an announcement from the Blogger Buzz blog, apparently the Blogger Beta (which I’€™ve written about before) is feature complete. There are some instructions on how to play with it and so on over at their blog.

While that might not have such a huge impact on me personally ‘€“ I run hosted WordPress installations ‘€“ the top 10 list on things you should never do for SEO felt more promising. Alas, it was more of a duh-moment but still, take a look if you’€™re new to this business. I was first aiming for a more, well, rude take on the post ‘€“ because it kind of symbolizes the worst in lists to me. It feels rushed out to fill a quote or something. Or maybe it’€™s just me being cranky. If someone learns something then it’s fine, I guess.

Seth Godin has a nice post on trademarks and issues you really should think about as an entrepreneur. It’€™s pretty interesting, so take a look.

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Ah, Sunday afternoons. Could there be any better time to catch up on your blog reading?

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