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Blogging by chat box

Blogging by chat box

PRNewswire reports on new blogging provider MindSay providing blogging via AIM and Yahoo Messenger. Apparently MindSay has its own chatbots ready and waiting to identify the chat-blogger and post their blog from the comfort of their own chat box.

With access to Chat throught mobile phones, and vice versa, and blogging through mobiles, one could draw the conclusion that the chat/ blog connection is a natural progression, although we can’t help but say “What will they think of next”

The new service seems to have attracted a number of bloggers, although the site is lite on details as to what the service provides other that the instant messenging angle.

The site does say that it is a ad free service, although one has to ask how they can run this service for free with no advertising or external support.

The Blog Herald visited a number of sites on the service and the customisations seemed to indicate a level of flexibility not common in blogger type blogs.
Sites visited included:
unfortunately the Mindsay website does not feature much information as to what level of service is provided. Any Mindsay users (or ex-users) out there with an opinion we would love to know.

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The Blog Herald is all for competition and wish Mindsay well, it is early days yet, and like a good red wine they should get better with time

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