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BlogKits launches new banner ad units built specifically for blogs

BlogKits launches new banner ad units built specifically for blogs

The BlogKits BlogMatch Network has released seven brand new ad banner units built specifically for blogs.

“Standard banner ad sizes don’t cut it for bloggers who are serious about trying to generate revenue. They simply don’€™t fit into the majority of blog layouts today, so they are not as effective as they could be,” said Jim Kukral, Founder of the BlogKits BlogMatch Network.

“what advertisers have to realize is that placing an ad on a blog is different. With blogs, you can’t just throw an ad up there; it’s got to fit just right in style and substance. These new ad units & guidelines will help advertisers deliver their messages into the majority of blog designs today.”

“On the flip side, bloggers will be able to integrate these units into their blogs without having to make their blog look like Times Square. Instead, these ad units will fit into the flow of their blogs, allowing for better click-through rates and a more positive ROI for advertisers.”

The current new units are as follows. Text ads can also be used in the same dimensions.

Blog SideBar Units ‘€“ Built to fit in blog sidebars.
150×50 IMU – (Blog Sidebar Mini)
150×100 IMU – (Blog Sidebar Full)
90×130 IMU – (Blog Sidebar Mini Tower)

See Also

Blog Entry Rectangles and Bars ‘€“ Built to fit within blog entries.
335x 50 IMU – (Blog Entry Bar)
335x 25 IMU – (Blog Entry Slim Bar)

450x 50 IMU – (Blog Entry Rectangle)
450x 25 IMU – (Blog Entry Slim Rectangle)

The banners can be viewed at

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