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BlogMatrix launches new vblog and podcast hosting

BlogMatrix launches new vblog and podcast hosting

BlogMatrix has launched a free browser based solution for the sharing and uploading of video blogs and podcasts

“Everyone can start podcasting and videocasting today”, said David Janes, founder of BlogMatrix. “We’ve made it even easier to share video and audio files – just create an account and start uploading; it’€™s all in your browser”.

BlogMatrix supports uploading popular video and audio formats directly to its website.

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“BlogMatrix’s unique bandwidth and storage solutions allow us to charge prices that range from free to cheap. We still recommend that users download Sparks! as their podder software to simplify recording and sharing. However, anyone wanting to upload videos or podcasts can now simply take advantage of our online solution. The great thing about the BlogMatrix Service is that we make everything, from recording to formatting to sharing either extremely easy or automatic.”

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