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BlogMedia Selects All Headline News to Provide Instant News Headlines for

BlogMedia Selects All Headline News to Provide Instant News Headlines for

An interesting press release, if only for the fact that we haven’t heard of either of the companies, however it does demonstrate the growth in the blogosphere and the diversity of offerings becoming available
Press release> Blogmedia has launched a new sports blog hosting service and has selected All Headline News to provide breaking sports news and headlines.
“Blogmedia needed instant, relevant content for our new sports site,” Stated Austin Chase, President of Blogmedia. “All Headline News provides us with live, real-time sports news and headlines for our official blog. Our blog readers love it. Traffic to has increased exponentially. All Headline News is definitely our MVP.”

“We’re delighted to be the news headline feed provider to Blogmedia,” said W. Jeffrey Brown, CEO of All Headline News. “The addition of Blogmedia, a leading blog software provider, to our growing list of customers demonstrates the continued value that we provide through a robust set of innovative news feed products that drive user loyalty and profitability.”

Blogmedia uses the fully automated and continuously updating headlines feeds from All Headline News to provide it’s users with the latest relevant, quality and timely news that links right to the original news source.

About All Headline News Corp.:

All Headline News Corp. is a privately held, leading news portal and aggregator of news and headlines. The company’s systems search and index thousands of websites for news and information that is categorized and distributed as live headline links to the original sources. The company’s services are used worldwide in portals, websites, charities, governmental entities, educational institutions and other organizations.

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About Blogmedia:
Blogmedia, founded by Austin Chase and located in Nashville, Tennessee, provides complete and easy to use web log (blog) publishing systems that require no html or web authoring skills. Chase’s goal is to make blog a household word and to revolutionize the way we participate in media and practice self-expression online.

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