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Blogreview: Goluboy

Blogreview: Goluboy

An ejaculation of colour and imagery confronts the eye @ Goluboy does not tempt to win design awards but provides an enriching experience in queer enlightenment with his thoughts and observations on everything from music to Barney The Purple Dinosaur.

It must be emphasised when visiting the world of goluboy that it is important to read between the lines and ignore the dazzle of the layout, for it is here that brings the Blog Herald to review 2xy.

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The message from Goluboy says Im here and Im queer and this is what I do, say and listen too, and these are my friends. There is hours of reading @ 2xy with a variety of inputs from Blogerotica, Popcorn & Jizz, Material Haul and others.

Of technical interest to those with more interest in the tool and not the content are the 2 skin options from the site, FROOTY and DIRRTY. Nice use of css and related script by Goluboy and both are worth checking. Now if only we had the time to write multiple style sheets.

To use the 2xy rating systems, 4 cherries out of 5 for Goluboy and 2xy.

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Postscript: There are far too many buttons and programs on the net, and at the Blog Herald we try to refrain from joining everything available, however we like the “Be Nice, Bitch” program from 2xy. In its relative infancy, the program promotes basic values of common decency whilst still promoting a sense of humour, something lacking from many a cause of the net these days. To visit

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