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Brent Whitney Joins Feedster as Vice President of Engineering

Brent Whitney Joins Feedster as Vice President of Engineering

Feedster today announced that Brent Whitney has joined the company as Vice President of Engineering.

Mr. Whitney comes to Feedster from LesConcierges where, as CTO and Co-founder, he focused on delivering CRM solutions to the personal services market. Mr. Whitney was previously the CTO and Co-founder of, an eCommerce company aimed at the alternative healthcare market. He was also the Director of Engineering at Starwave Corporation where he was responsible for ESPN.COM, NBA.COM, NFL.COM, various Fantasy Sport Games, and proprietary eCommerce technology that supported multiple subscription-based products.

‘€œWe are very excited to have Brent join the company,’€? said Chris Redlitz, Feedster’€™s President. ‘€œHe brings the necessary background to help us build a more scalable infrastructure as our business continues to grow. He is instituting a core development process that dramatically improves our ability to innovate and release new products. Brent is working closely with our co-founder and Chief Scientist François Schiettecatte.”

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